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Road Runners Club of America


Volunteers help with aid stations and road crossings. Here are some of the kind souls who gave freely of their time and energy in 2008 to make the run a success.

2008 Volunteers

We don't have pictures on the 2008 race day of the following volunteers: Scott Krell, Eric Hellebust, Denise Krell, Mike Mason, Jim Kerby, Chris "Teflon" Dabrowski, John Pearch, Craig Hanela, Michael Cartwright. If you pictures of them at work, please e-mail us.

Aid Station Construction
Aid Station Construction Scott Krell a few days earlier

20c2008 009
In The Kitchen Scott Krell, Craig Hanela and Alex Swenson

20c2008 021
Start (registration) Maria and Roy Seliber

20c2008 052
Bandera Station (bike in) Mike Mason and Cathy O'Dowd (Photo: Mike Mason)

Mark Hartinger and pacer
Garcia Station Mark Hartinger and Jim Kerby (Photo: Shawn Lawson ... that's Mark on the right)

20c2008 005
Cedar Falls Station Tamara Cartwright and Maria Seliber (Photo: Shawn Lawson)

Alex Swenson and John Bandur man the North Bend Way Aid Station
SE North Bend Way Alex Swenson and John Bandur (Photo: Shawn Lawson)

Tom Ripley and Chris Ralph man the Golf Course aid station
Mt Si Golf Course Chris Ralph and Tom Ripley (Photo: Shawn Lawson)

356th Drive SE Christopher Dabrowski and John Pearch

scott 025
Carnation: The Finish Denise Krell, Eric Hellebust and Scott Krell

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