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NW Ultras

The rules are straightforward and designed to ensure:

  • safety
  • integrity
  • Safety

    Nothing is worth getting hurt for. Safety of our runners comes first. Having a fun day out comes second. Since it is a low key event without traffic control, the course has been designed to minimize road crossings. There is one significant road crossing and about 4 miles on sidewalks in Snoqualmie. The rest of the run is on trails.

    To re-iterate: this is an open course. That means runners must obey all traffic laws that apply.


    Common sense rules. Don't do anything dodgy. Doing anything questionable, including littering, will result in disqualification.

    Early Start for 100K ONLY

    The regular start is at 7:00am. The early start is at 5:00am for runners who may need more time to make the finish before the course closes at 9pm.
    Note: Any runner choosing to do the early start will automatically get a minimum time of 12 hours even if they run a faster time

    Two Person Relay

    The 100km course is completed by a relay team consisting of two runners. How you divide the legs is up to you and you may exchange at any of the major aid stations in the list below (minor aid stations do not have crew access). The exchange is made by giving your teammate the official race number (exchanges must also be recorded by aid station volunteers).

    Leg distances (in the past most teams have simply exchanged once at Garcia Station):

    1. Easton Station to Cold Creek Station - 15.8m
    2. Cold Creek Station to Garcia Station - 16.2m
    3. Garcia Station to Cedar Falls Station - 7.7m
    4. Cedar Falls Station to Centennial Park - 9.5m
    5. Centennial Park to 356th Drive SE - 6.2m
    6. 356th Drive SE to Carnation - 6.8m

    50K Division

    Start is at noon from Garcia Station (see above for stations). It will follow the same course to finish as the 100K. NO EARLY START PLEASE! We are trying to time our aid stations and keep our logistics of volunteers and aid in order.

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