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20th Century Hall of Fame

M OpenNameYrF OpenNameYrM MasterNameYrF MasterNameYr
100K Solo8:53:17Sam Thompson200910:11:15Lisa Bliss20089:35:27Tim Stroh200910:29:17Francie Hankins2009
50K Solo3:34:00Sean Meissner20074:28:32Van "pigtails" Phan20083:40:43Jim Kerby20095:08:46Barb Blumenthal 2009
100K Relay10:06:02Shawn LawsonTony "*tc" Covarrubias2008
100K Ride & Tie7:45:25Mike MahanayJeff Wright2008
* 2008 course had out and back section for 100K resulting in about 3 extra miles of uphill running
* 2009 course had 1000 feet of climb in a 3 mile bypass of the Snoqualmie tunnel for 100K

2009 Results

To download the full results with splits and pace as an Excel file click here.

2009 20th Century Runs
100K8:53:177:00:0015:53:17Sam Thompson 
new course record
100K9:15:437:00:0016:15:43Shawn Bussert 22
100K9:35:277:00:0016:35:27Tim Stroh 
new men's masters record
100K10:21:207:00:0017:21:20Steve Roberge 44
100K10:29:177:00:0017:29:17Francie Hankins 
new women's masters record
100K11:47:027:00:0018:47:02Lorie Alexander 62
100K12:01:587:00:0019:01:58Zach McDonald 75
100K12:06:307:00:0019:06:30Susan Kokesh 83
100K12:17:507:00:0019:17:50June Gessner 94
100K12:35:077:00:0019:35:07Ryan Keefe 106
100K12:47:457:00:0019:47:45Frenchesca Carmichael 115
100K12:47:457:00:0019:47:45Karice Scott 115
100K13:27:287:00:0020:27:28John Novak 137
100K13:53:485:00:0018:53:48Janet Casal 146
100K5:00:00DNFKaren Wiggins 
100K10:08:317:00:0017:08:31Shawn McTaggart 1
100K10:09:317:00:0017:08:31Tony "*tc" Covarrubias 1
100K7:00:00DNFLindsay Felker 
100K7:00:00DNFGenissa Sygitowicz 
50K3:40:4312:00:0015:40:43Jim Kerby 
new men's masters record
50K4:06:1012:00:0016:06:10Bob Hearn 22
50K4:24:2012:00:0016:24:20Tony Johns 33
50K4:45:4612:00:0016:45:46Tim Meyers 44
50K4:54:5812:00:0016:54:58Mike Mahanay 55
50K5:08:4612:00:0017:08:46Barb Blumenthal 
new women's masters record
50K5:08:4612:00:0017:08:46Barry Hopkins 66
50K5:10:0512:00:0017:10:05Bret Henry 87
50K5:11:3212:00:0017:11:32Scott Flett 98
50K5:20:2812:00:0017:20:28Jess Mullen 102
50K5:21:4412:00:0017:21:44Jae-Byung Jung 119
50K5:24:0312:00:0017:24:03Jim Wiederaenders 1210
50K5:33:1412:00:0017:33:14Ramona Vogt 133
50K5:56:0212:00:0017:56:02Gail Henry 144
50K5:56:0212:00:0017:56:02Eric Underwood 1411
50K6:10:0012:00:0018:10:00Brian Meenaghan 1612
50K8:03:0412:00:0020:03:04Amber Smith 175

2009 Factiods

  • 5 new course records (of a possible 9)
  • 3 DNF'd
  • Lowest DNF rate so far (9%)
  • This year due to the tunnel closure the course was altered. Net result was 1000' more up hill thanks to our bypass over the Cascades.
  • Tony Covarrubias is the only runner to participate in 2007, 2008 and 2009 events.

2009 Race Reports

2008 Results

2008 20th Century Runs
100K9:50:407:00:0016:50:40Ryan McKnight -new course record11
100K10:03:387:00:0017:03:38Tim Wiens 22
100K10:11:157:00:0017:11:15Lisa Bliss -new women's record31
100K10:11:157:00:0017:11:15Tim Englund 43
100K10:34:017:00:0017:34:01Stephanie Holladay 52
100K11:22:417:00:0018:22:41Gilles Barbeau -first men's master and record64
100K12:04:007:00:0019:04:00Brandon Lott 75
100K12:12:407:00:0019:12:40Jeff Mikesell 86
100K12:23:467:00:0019:23:46Kate Merrill 93
100K12:36:027:00:0019:36:02Glen Mangiantini 107
100K12:37:577:00:0019:37:57Francesca Carmichael 114
100K12:37:577:00:0019:37:57Karice Scott 125
100K12:51:057:00:0019:51:05Clay Ross 138
100K13:01:167:00:0020:01:16Tim Lawson 149
100K14:04:055:00:0019:04:05George Midbust 1510
100K5:00:00DNFJamie Laird 
100K7:00:00DNFRoy Seliber 
100K5:00:00DNFGary Wright 
100K5:00:00DNFJeff Taylor 
100K5:00:00DNFJon Gissberg 
100K10:06:027:00:0017:06:02Shawn Lawson -course record1
100K10:06:027:00:0017:06:02Tony "*tc" Covarrubias -course record1
100K13:04:025:00:0018:04:02David Olson 2
100K13:04:025:00:0018:04:02Caleb Laird 2
100K7:45:257:00:0014:45:25Mike Mahanay -course record1
100K7:45:257:00:0014:45:25Jeff Wright -course record1
50K4:03:3112:00:0016:03:31Brian Meenaghan 11
50K4:17:4812:00:0016:17:48Craig Hanela 22
50K4:28:3212:00:0016:28:32Van "pigtails" Phan -women's record31
50K5:00:4212:00:0017:00:42Robert Lopez -men's master record43
50K5:17:1512:00:0017:17:15Barb Blumenthal 52
50K5:17:1512:00:0017:17:15Thomas Tan 64
50K5:24:3012:00:0017:24:30Dave Dutton 75
50K5:42:3012:00:0017:42:35Carol Meenaghan 83
50K5:46:4812:00:0017:46:58Gus Kormeier 96
50K5:49:4412:00:0017:49:44Max Welker 107
50K5:51:1212:00:0017:51:12Karen "damaged sushi" Wiggins 114
50K5:51:3512:00:0017:51:35Marie Zornes 125
50K5:52:5712:00:0017:52:57Caroline Barnett 136
50K6:27:4912:00:0018:27:49Rodger Bardwell 148
50K6:48:0012:00:0018:48:00Adam Stritzel 159
50KDNSJill Taylor 
50KDNSLindsay Felker 
50KDNSChris Twardzik 
50KDNSKeven Babbitt 

2008 Factiods

  • 8 of 11 2007 finishers returned
  • 3 dropped down in distance
  • 3 DNF'd
  • 2 finished the 100K- Ryan McKnight and Kate Merrill
  • Ryan McKnight took 1:37:20 off his time and went from a tie for 3rd to a new course record
  • Kate Merrill other took 1:08 off her time and dropped from 8th overall to 9th! That does not seem fair.
  • DNF rate was about the same rising from 21% to 25%.
  • Of the 5 early starters 1 made it and 4 DNF'd
  • Only one of the DNF's started at 7:00
  • This year due to record snow fall the trail and tunnel being blocked the course was altered. Net result was more up hill and double the pavement. Distance run on sidewalks and pavement was 6m (9.5%) this year (90.5% trails).

2008 Race Reports

  • Lisa Bliss' secret recipe - 'It's a low-keyed, very-well organized run with a 50k option.'
  • Tim Lawson - 'If every bad run is just a good learning experience, why don’t I teach this stuff?'
  • Robert Lopez - words from a 50K runner - 'it's local, it's cheap, and the course is beautiful'
  • link to your blog post goes here :

2007 Results

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Van Phan
Van steams across the finish line for first place in a time of 10 hours and 23 minutes.

Click to Enlarge
Van Phan and Tony Covarrubias
Van had about a 15 minute lead on Tony until the last half mile where a navigational snafu provided some excitement and cost her 10 minutes. Tony came in 2nd behind Van at 10 hours and 28 minutes.

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Sean Meissner
Sean was our single lonely 50k runner: he cranked out a respectable 3:34 50k. Nice.

(Thanks to Arthur Martineau and Scott Krell for these photos)

To download the full results with splits and pace as an Excel file click here.


2007 Race Reports

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