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The 20th Century 50K and 100K Trail Run Course Description

The 20th Century 50K and 100K Trail Run Route and Distances

Easton to Carnation

This course description has not been updated to take into account the tunnel closure and bypass. Runners can download this 2009 event booklet with the details for the 2009 course.

Easton Fire Station to the main Snoqualmie Valley Trail trailhead in Carnation.

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Course Profile
400ft elevation gain from Easton to Hyak
2400ft+ descent to Carnation

Some people respond better to 'visual stimulus'. Try this for the 2009 course.

And some people are gadget junkies. Here are GPS tracks with way points for the 2009 course. Here the track are uploaded to EveryTrail.com.

StationMile MarkerKilometersOpensCloses *
Easton Trailhead (start)0.00.005:0007:00
Upham Station (just the basics)6.19.806:1508:30
Meadow Creek Station (FS Road 54)12.219.607:3010:00
Hyak Station18.629.909:3011:30
Bandera Station (just the basics)26.242.210:4513:20
Garcia Station (start for 50K runners)31.951.3411:3014:20 +
Cedar Falls Station (Rattlesnake Lake)39.663.712:4515:00 +
SE North Bend Way (road crossing)44.771.913:3017:50
Mt Si Golf Course48.678.2114:0018:50
356th Drive SE55.389.015:0020:20
Carnation (finish)62.13100.016:0022:00
* closing times of the aid stations are provisional.
+ these stations will probably be open longer depending on what happens on the day
Comments welcome.
Note: The sweep bike is also a rolling aid station with a trailer. Slower runners will always have support.

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20th Century Course
Although you can click to enlarge, the MapSource screenshots are not ideal. These images are intended to give you the general idea. Following the course on the day will be trivial thanks to course markings and strategic aid station locations.

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Easton to Hyak

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Start Detail
a) The course starts with a small out-and-back to get the distance exact (0.3m/1584 ft x2).
b) About 3 miles into the run the trail joins a dirt road to cross Cabin Creek. After the bridge, watch for where the trail exits the road to the right. Pay attention to flour markings.

0m : Start - Easton Trailhead 3m : Leaving the trail and entering the road 3.5m : Leaving the road, back on the trail

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Hyak to Cedar Falls
The Snoqualmie Tunnel is 2.3 miles long. Even at midday in Summer it is a very dark and chilly section. Light required. Jacket and gloves recommended. There will be a drop box near the picnic table at the West end of the tunnel where you can leave your light, jacket and gloves to be collected by the sweep. No valuables please. The drop box is unattended and this is a public trail.
The 50k point (half-way) is 0.8 miles (4224 ft) before arriving at Garcia Station.

18.6m : Hyak Station Snoqualmie Tunnel - remember light, jacket and gloves 26.2m : Bandera Station - Trail Marathon Typical Trestle 39.4m : Cedar Falls (heads up for right turn) 39.6m : Cedar Falls Station (Rattlesnake Lake)

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Cedar Falls to Snoqualmie
The John Wayne Pioneer Trail (Iron Horse State Park) ends at Rattlesnake Lake. The last station is Cedar Falls. Soon after the Cedar Falls Station sign, turn right down a trail that is signposted to take you to the trailhead. This will be marked on the day. After the aid station, follow the signs (and flour arrows) to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.
The SE North Bend Way road crossing is our only non-residential speed limit road crossing. There is an aid station at this crossing.

39.6m : Great spot for the Cedar Falls aid station 44m : Snoqualmie River 44.7m : John and Chris Jamie and Jeff 46.5m : Two Rivers

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Snoqualmie Detail
You'll notice when you are "on" the Mt Si Golf Course. As you leave the Golf Course you also leave the trail. Notice in this image how the train tracks go straight and you turn left? Even more obvious in the top left corner of the previous image. There is an aid station here. Turn left and follow the "lost dog" signs on sidewalks through Snoqualmie. If in doubt, ask for directions to Snoqualmie falls.

48.6m : Chris and Ike Shawn in Snoqualmie 50m+ : Through Salish Lodge Lot

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Snoqualmie to Carnation
The tricky part here is getting from the Snoqualmie Falls viewpoint to the Snoqualmie Valley trail again. Head across the pedestrian bridge over Highway 202. Head to the upper parking lot. In the East corner near the badminton courts is where the trail heads into the woods. Follow flour markings.

Stairs to the Upper Lot Forest Road 62.1m : Approaching the finish line 62.13: The Finish in Carnation Propaganda for other runs 62.13m : Van Phan - first to the goodies.

For detailed driving directions to all aid stations, click here.

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