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Tiger Dumb Ass 50k

The Dumb Ass race is permanently discontinued as an official event. It was held on the nearest Sunday of the winter solstice (Dec 21). Because only a Dumb Ass would run at Tiger Mountain on that day.

It certainly doesn't occur on the Saturday of the Sunday Pigtails Flat Ass but does the next day.

There will be no course markings, no aid stations or race directors.

It is moving to a yours truly style event where runners keep their times and email them to nwultrasscott@gmail.com and will be posted on this site.

I hope to not see you there on Sunday Dec 21st, 2014.

Please note it is moving to a yours truly style event (honor system) in 2014 http://seponkotisivut.dreamhosters.com/public_html/kotirataultra/yourstruly.php.

Rules and Safety
Make 5 complete counterclockwise loops of the course to finish the 50k fun run. 4 complete loops for a marathon finish. more...

Entry Form
Since this is a low key fun run, there is no entry form.

We do encourage you to join and participate in both the WTA and the IATC.
Volunteer your time to participate on special projects and trail maintenance. Make a tax-deductable donation. Join a WTA volunteer work party.

Course Description
5 x N-K3 loops: roughly 12,000 feet of climb, about 34 miles.

Directions to the Tradition Plateau Trailhead on Tiger Mountain.

Tiger Mountain Weather
Issaquah weather is usually a good guide for the mountain.

Photos of the fun run.

Results: Hall of Fame
It takes a special kind of trail runner to be listed on this page. A Dumb Ass of exceptional pedigree.

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